Saturday, April 2, 2011


Anyone have any updates? Brad & I have been making a team effort to make things better after a rough patch a few weekends ago. I had been convicted on some things throughout the month of February & he really opened my eyes to how important it was to him that I start working on things. And then when Ethan spoke on Malachi, we both ended up being convicted on being a better marriage team. Double whammy. Ugh! So, far, (it's only been 2 weeks) things are going much better. One of the biggest helps for me personally, is prayer. Second has been just to train my mind. Once I do this, it'll come naturally and things will be bliss, right?! Just kidding. I really do have to train myself to work on things though. That mixed with a lot of prayer is going to be huge. I just wanted to write on here and check in with everyone. Pray, pray, pray. You will not be disappointed. And have others praying for you too! Especially, if working on this stuff is a real struggle for you. I finally broke down & let some women know how much I needed support & accountability with working on my marriage. I love that we have that within our church & it really helps me to know I have them working with me to make the changes :) Hope you have a great Saturday. Let's be a team & help each other when/if needed to keep these changes up!

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